Saturday, July 16, 2005

An Announcement

This is not the blog you are looking for. Move along.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Brief Update

Okay. Well. I had hoped to have things running again by now, but certain things have intervened. For example, several days ago, in a flurry of sparks, crackling noises and the distinctive smell of burnt computer, I bid farewell to my old friend, the computer moniter. No, don't ask me what I did to it, I've no idea. Although, this, in addition to the four watches I've owned across two years, adds weight to my suspicion that I am, in fact, an alien who emits technology-addling vibes. Or something. Okay, so I put one of the watches through the washing machine. That's completely irrelevant.

But until the problem is fixed, (at least a week), I'm working off whatever computer access I can manage, which is pretty limited. So I'm going to have to extend my hiatus for another week, or possibly two.

In the meantime, I'm sure you're all bored out of your minds ('cause this is, like, the only blog you read, right? :P), so here are some suggestions to keep you occupied until I resume blogging:

1) Feng Shui your living space. It's much easier than you think. Just remember that clutter obstructs positive energy flow. Therefore, keep ridding yourself of possessions until you're left with two milk crates, a fishtank, and inner harmony.

2a) Experiment with your co-workers. See how long you can get away with enforced group hugs and sing-alongs of 'It's a Small World'.

2b) Find a new job. I hear there are lucrative opportunities at the Guam embassy.

3) Alcohol. Time passes so much quicker when you can't remember any of it.

4) Has it ever occured to you that live cats make great collecter items?

5) Take up a new and totally bizarre hobby. Such as knitting with grass clippings, or playing bridge.

6) Are the newspaper trivia quizzes just not cutting it for you? Why not write your own?

What is the national anthem of Turkmanistan?
Please recite the whole of John Keat's Sleep and Poetry.
What civil liberty is Bush planning to curb next?
What is the flight velocity of an unladen swallow?

I'd also take this time to say a belated Happy Independance Day to my American friends, and hope you enjoyed the fireworks and Family Reunions That Must Never Be Spoken Of Again. Or whatever it is you people do to celebrate the birth of your nation.

I'd also extend my condolences to those affected by the attacks in London. I don't see any point in adding my voice to the debate beyond to say that my thoughts are with those who were injured and/or lost loved ones.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm currently 'renovating' (renovating in quotation marks since 'buggering everything up' would be more accurate ;) ). Please check back in a week.